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Which Zero-Turn Mower Is Right For You?

Which Zero-Turn Mower Is Right For You?

Mower shopping can be an overwhelming task. From deck size, to horsepower, to ground speed, there's a lot to consider when searching for your new residential or commerical zero-turn. We've put together a helpful guide, comparing each of our zero-turn mowers and their features to help you choose the right unit for you.

How to compare Ariens Zero-Turn Mowers

The Edge

Best for: Small to medium size lawn owners 

If you’re in the market for a zero-turn that is compact yet doesn’t compromise on top of the line features then The Edge is the mower for you. Designed with comfort and durability at its core, this unit will get you through tight spaces and around tricky angles in a way that the other units might not. That’s the defining feature of The Edge – its flexibility and versatility, making its performance unforgettable. 

The Ikon

Best for: Medium to big size lawns

The Ikon series is known for its function and power across the board with the 42” being more of a nimble zero-turn whereas the 52” is equipped to power through bigger yards. This range is built with a solid tubular frame – providing reliable support, in addition to its high back seat and premium steering grips which will keep the driver comfortable for bigger property owners.

The Apex

Best for: Acreage property owners

The Apex is a level up. This machine is in a lane of its own with its distinctive design and capabilities. Think tons of power thanks to the Kawasaki 7000 Series  V-Twin while delivering meticulous cutting performance with its Envy Elite cutting system – that’s the Ariens Apex. If you’re sitting on a plot of acreage and require a zero-turn to smash out large scale cutting while achieving that manicured look, the Apex will be your go to. 

The Zenith

Best for: Acreage property owners 

Last but not least, The Zenith – another machine that begins with power. Similar to The Apex, The Zenith is mighty tough, surpassing expectations as it charges through acre after acre, hour after hour, regardless of how thick the grass might be. Boasting a commercial-grade 23.5 hp Kawasaki FX V-Twin engine, this machine is for those who are at the top of their craft with tough jobs ahead. The  Zenith  first  turns heads, then turns them  orange  with  envy,  as  it  leaves grass perfectly cut.

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